About The Project​​​​​​​
+Grain started with a simple question, Why are eco-friendly, healthy fast-casual restaurants so hard to come by?
The Challenge
Building an experience where customers can customize their own grain bowls on mobile.
The Solution
Built an interactive platform where users can customize their orders, choose from a variety of bowl recipes, and order ahead from their mobile phone. Applied a progress bar that allows the user to easily backtrack and edit their custom orders.
My Role:
UX/UI Designer
UX Strategy:
Discovery, user research, sitemap, low/high fidelity wireframes, user interface, user experience design, and prototype.
3 Months
My Process
No.1 – Research
As a part of my research, I interviewed 10 people from my target audience (ages 18-30) to gain a sense of what people are looking for in an eco-friendly, healthy restaurant. I learned key information from these interviews that help the process of how the website and app were designed.
What Users Are Looking For
 We choose locally grown ingredients.
Online Ordering
A seamless web/mobile experience for those that are on the go.
We offer healthy options at an affordable cost.
No.2 User Personas
I developed user personas based on my interviews to give a graphic insight to what users are looking for in a social app. Below are examples of information including my persona research.​​​​​​​
Danny Vega (26) – The Entrepreneur
•26 year old young professional
•Laidback lifestyle
•Joins coworkers for drinks after hours
•“It’s important to maintain a healthy work/life balance.”
Vicky Zimmerman (21) – The Hipster
•21 year old college student
•Hipster lifestyle
•“I love finding cool trendy spots to grab a bite at.”
No.3 Site Map
No.4 Wireframes
No.5 UI Style Guide
No.6 Features
Choose from one of our pre-made recipe bowls!
We love options! You can choose from a wide variety of our pre-made recipe bowls if you're feeling adventurous to try something new or if you don't want the hassle of creating your own.
Create your own customizable bowl!
In the mood for something specific? You can customize your own bowl with any combination of ingredients and serving sizes, to satisfy your cravings.
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