About The Project
Home Solar Incentives provides Momentum Solar with new leads through a lead generation survey.
The Challenge
Increase the user completion rate of the survey.
The Solution
Built an engaging and seamless user experience survey that improves the user completion rate. Added a progress bar throughout the survey for transparency.
My Role:
UX/UI Designer
UX Strategy:
User research, information architecture, low/high fidelity wireframes, user interface, user experience design, and prototype.
1 Week
The Ask
Our team was approached by the Momentum Solar stakeholders that wished to increase the completion rate of our Home Solar Incentives survey. The brief from our stakeholders requested that the newly updated page be ‘clean and easy to navigate’.
From the graphic below on the left, you can see in the original design that the information was placed into an unbalanced, unstructured, and non engaging landing page.
The Process
I began my redesign by prioritizing the information that would be on each screen of the survey. I sketched some low fidelity wireframes that would take these puzzle pieces (highlighted in different colors above on the right) to be shaped in a way that would allow the user to easily digest the survey questions, acknowledge actionable items, and seamlessly navigate through the survey screens.
To frame the problem and design a solution I asked myself several questions from the user’s perspective. What is the most important piece to highlight here? What should the customer pay attention to first? What output will engage the user and how will the output be visualized?
I used iconography and typography that created visual hierarchy, is engaging, and gets the user from start to completion.
The screens the user sees include simple close ended questions, answers to choose that have an interactive element, and a bar showing their progress throughout the survey. I designed the flow of this survey in a way that is visually pleasing and keeps the user engaged from screen to screen.
The Result
This redesign offered users a more unified, modern, and interactive experience. The end result was an engaging and seamless user experience that helps the user reach their end goal of receiving a solar quote and improved user survey completion rate.
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